Frequently Asked Questions

How does the auto ChatGPT trade works?

It's very easy and simple. All you have to do is turn on the Ai ChatGPT auto trade from the settings

What trade can I automate on Ohyolo?

You can automate only option trading at the moment

Do you have free version?

No! currently, Ohyolo is a subscription based app only.

How do I delete my account?

1. Open the Ohyolo app and click on the profile icon from the bottom navigation bar

2. Tap on settings

3. Tap Delete Account

Note: This action is irreversible

When you delete your account, we delete all your personal information associated with the account.

What is the maximum contract I can trade?

We have set a limit of 50 contracts per trade

Does Ohyolo close my other option positions I opened?

No! Ohyolo only close positions opened by Ohyolo

Linking Robinhood Account Failed

One of the reasons why linking your Robinhood account fails is not having Two-factor Authentication enabled. Make sure you have Two-Factor Authentication enabled on your Robinhood account.

1. Tap profile icon

2. Tap Menu icon in the top left corner

3. Tap Security and Privacy

4. Tap Two-factor Authentication then select (Text Message or Authenticator App)

When will Ohyolo starts making trades for me?

Once you turn on the auto Ai ChatGPT Option trade from the settings, Ohyolo will start executing trades immediately as it becomes available

Are my login information saved?

No! We never save your login details.We use it to proxy your authentication to your brokerage, then we're given tokens to access the necessary data from your brokerage account to setup your account. We then save the tokens to make future request. For example: Syncing your brokerage portfolio balance with your Ohyolo portfolio balance

How does the trading occur in my broker?

We use your brokerage's API to place trades. When you connect your brokerage with us, we are given authentication tokens (no username or password) to make requests to your brokerage on your behalf. We use these tokens to open and close option positions based on your Ohyolo auto trade settings.